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In our changing world, what do learners of all ages need to thrive?

Strengths for Students 
offers personalized services to bright students and young adults who have learning and attention challenges. 
We are dedicated to serving life-long learners’ educational needs and helping families thrive with high-quality service you can trust.
Building strengths is essential for students and life long learners seeking success and independence. It’s hard when students’ struggle to feel confident and accomplished. Like acorns and saplings, students need time and support to grow sturdy and strong.

Strengths for Students provides a supportive climate and encouragement for students and families to find the right strategies to develop the hardy perseverance and confidence needed for success.
Strengths for Students - tutoring
We are trained professionals experienced at identifying, recognizing, and utilizing a student's specific strengths and matching them with essential and tailored learning strategies for skill building. Using research-based methods and drawing upon our years of experience, our students improve their executive functions, self-discipline, academic skills, and social-emotional learning.


Sometimes saplings need more light & nutrients to become robust.

When students struggle with academic challenges, parents often don’t know if their student requires a homework helper, a subject expert or more seasoned professional support. With our experience, we help families navigate that terrain.
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