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How We Work

The majority of our clients come via our personal or professional networks. We ask clients to share documents and history that will inform our approach to the individual.

​This may include:

  • Report cards, progress notes, and relevant teacher communication
  • Neuropsychological evaluations and full reports
  • Educational Testing: from school system and private providers
  • Medical testing and diagnoses: neurological, psychological or psychiatric, visual, hearing, and orthopedic
  • Any Special Education evaluations, referrals, findings, IEP’s, 504’s.
  • Other testing such as speech/language, occupational therapy, audiology, etc.
  • Parent statement including the “life” history of concerns and your goals for your child’s future. Include them in the parent statement.
We value your privacy and maintain confidential records. We do not share your information in any form without a signed release.
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