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What is Executive Functioning Coaching
and why is it effective?

Trees don’t grow overnight, nor do our brains.
At Strengths for Students, we know that building strong executive function skills is key to academic and life-long success
We teach students of all ages to think about their thinking, instructing them on metacognitive skills. Our students learn to match their strengths to their executive functions to create structures and routines for success in the classroom and beyond. 

We individualize strategies and build student skills including:
  • Organization of their materials and physical study space
  • Subject-specific study skills
  • Time management for short- and long-term assignments
  • Effective self-advocacy in student/teacher relationships
Our students and former students are like strong, healthy trees; they confidently and competently manage their lives with age-appropriate independence.
Executive function coaching benefits students and families as successes in this area also positively impact family dynamics.
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