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Our Clients

We help families see both the forest and the trees.

At Strengths for Students, we help families identify what’s behind challenges and find solutions so students gain confidence and independence.

Our client families are located primarily in the New York area, but we also work remotely throughout the United States and abroad.

Do these behaviors sound familiar? 

  • Scrambling to plan, organize, or initiate multi-part or less structured assignments such as studying or writing.
  • Having trouble following directions or forgetting what to do.
  • Moving from task to task, or becoming distracted and not completing tasks.
  • Mixing up assignments, or forgetting to bring home books or handouts needed to complete work.
  • Struggling to ask for and use feedback like grades and comments as a tool for improvement.
  • Have a diagnosed learning, attention or executive function challenge.
  • Have tantrums, melt down, or freeze up instead of self-advocating by expressing feelings, frustrations and needs.
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